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Pre Qualification
Once we have your complete application, we will get you pre-qualified within 7 minutes. We are set up with automated underwriting and pricing systems with all of our lenders and can hear back from them in minutes. Click “submit” and we are already working for you. We will have the best wholesale rates and costs from over 43 of our investors nationwide!!

The Application
This is the most important part of the loan process.  It is also the most labor intensive part for you.  We need you to take a few minutes to complete this and we do the rest.  The application asks you to "paint a picture" for us.  It also gives you a chance to get us all your contact information and tell us exactly what you expect from The Lending Team and any special needs that you might have.

We cautiously guard your personal information. Our secure systems are fully protected with 128-bit encryption and firewall. We also process all of our loans in house, with an experienced and dedicated processing team. Your loan will take an average 5 - 10 business days to get approved. This is much faster than any industry average of 21 days!!!

Credit Reports
You are morethan just a score.  Your credit does determine a lot when it comes to getting a loan.  We are credit experts.  We will take time to analyze your scores and accounts to see how we can not only get you the best loan, but also to show you how to get your score higher.  Afterall, we want to be your lifetime lender of choice. 

Appraisal Basics
There are several things you can do to help the loan process move smoothly. Preparing for the appraisal is one of the most important. Let us know everything about the home before the appraiser comes out so that we can prepare the appraiser. We have an appraisal checklist that we provide you and it helps get the full value for your property.

Depending on your loan, we may be able to do the underwriting right in house!  In other cases, we work directly with account managers and underwriters and have a great reputation with them as the Team that gets loans done quickly and accurately.

There is no need to be nervous at closing.  You will know everything about your loan well before you sign your papers.  We are committed to full disclosure and no suprises at closing.  It is the last thing you remember and we guarantee you will be happy.  Closing Convenience policy:  We will close your loan wherever you need it to be closed.  Some like to meet at the title company or at their office.  Others need us to meet them at home after 9pm.  This is your loan and your transaction and we will accomodate your request.





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